Hoping For A Biden Amnesty: Border Apprehension Numbers Up As Election Day Draws Nearer
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Earlier: Border Apprehensions Up, But Small Surge Is NOTHING To Massive Rush That Would Happen If Biden Elected and much earlier (2004) Bush's Promise of Amnesty Caused Rush For the Border

The NumbersUSA weekly newsletter, in email, says

Border apprehensions are on the rise as election day draws nearer, signaling that migrants believe a Democratic sweep in November will result in a mass amnesty for illegal aliens.

Here's the chart.

More from NumbersUSA

Apprehensions made by Border Patrol along the U.S.-Mexico border continued to decline in the month of September, marking a drastic decrease over the past year compared to the record-breaking FY 2019.

Even with these new low numbers created by the Administration’s tough stance on asylum fraud and illegal border crossing, last month saw more migrants caught than in any September since 2006.

‘Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan gave the dire warning that as Covid-19 continues to ravage the economies of Central American nations, he expects “unprecedented” numbers, “get ready,” he stated,’ as reported by the Washington Times. 

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