Holey Moley—Mexico Requires PAPERS To Work There?
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Mexico requires documents to work! WTF! I thought that requiring documents to work was racist. That makes Mexico a racist government.

In an otherwise unremarkable and commonplace diatribe by the legions of communists in the MSM against immigration enforcement in the United States, we learn that Mexicans have to present documents, including a birth certificate to work:

USA Today December 4, 2011 by William Welch

Deportations Tear Some Families Apart

In September, Ramos bid a teary farewell and drove across the U.S.-Mexican border at San Ysidro, Calif., to a country where she had little connection or family. She has been sleeping in a room lent by the friend of a friend and lives off her small savings. She has been unable to find a job or get the necessary Mexican documents, including a birth certificate, that she needs to work.

Well, if Mexico can do it, then we can. Controversy over. Let's get down to the business of deporting all illegal aliens.

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