Hispanic Rush to Voting Noted
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According to the New York Times, Hispanics feel victimized by American citizens who insist that our immigration laws be obeyed. Curiously, the Times' reporting does not mention that Mexico is quite strict about its borders, laws and sovereignty, yet Americans are condemned for similar standards.

The upshot is that Hispanics are getting naturalized (when possible) in order to vote for open borders for members of their tribe. Nice.

Hispanics regard voting this year as a strategy of self-defense, said Sergio Bendixen, a pollster based in Miami. For many of them, Mr. Bendixen said, ”the immigration debate has not been about immigration policy; it has been about whether Hispanics belong in America.”

Hispanics ”feel they need to vote to show they are a group that cannot be abused or discriminated against,” said Mr. Bendixen, who surveys Hispanics for the Clinton campaign. [...]

”The hard-line rhetoric on immigration is turning off all Latinos,” said Lionel Sosa, a Republican advertising executive in San Antonio who handled Hispanic outreach in the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and both President Bushes. ”When people talk about building a wall and sending those Mexicans back, it comes off as anti-Latino. We say: ”You’re talking about my family, and I don’t like it.’ ” [Issues Start Rush to Citizenship by Hispanics, New York Times, Feb 2, 2008]

If citizens do assume that non-English-speaking Hispanics are illegal aliens, why is that unreasonable? The same newspaper reported that most recent "immigrants" from Mexico are indeed illegal (Record Immigration Is Changing the Face of New York's Neighborhoods, Jan 24, 2005).
Jeffrey Passel, a demographer with the Pew Hispanic Center who has studied the issue, said that nationally, 80 to 85 percent of all Mexican immigration since 1990 was undocumented, while among other immigrant groups, a great majority had entered legally.

"Any place that's getting a lot of new immigration from Mexico, virtually all of it is undocumented," Mr. Passel said, "and that certainly includes New York."

There are many persons from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds, including European, who are border jumpers and have disrespected America's law and sovereignty. However, as the chart shows, the great majority of illegal aliens in this country are Hispanic, particularly Mexican.

If legal Hispanics want respect and acceptance in America, they should support tough immigration enforcement. Otherwise, citizens will continue to reasonably assume that any foreign-appearing Hispanic — Spanish speaking, with Mexican flags everywhere — is likely a lawbreaking illegal alien. It's a statistical fact.

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