Hispanic National Guardsman Charged With Selling Guns, Body Armor, Grenades, And A Machinegun To Cartels
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Here's a story from pro-gun site The Truth About Guns. The words "Not Shown" in brackets mean that what you are seeing is a stock photo of a good-guy National Guardsman—who happens to be white.

U.S National Guardsman [Not Shown] Sold Drug Gangs Rifles, Vests, Grenades 

And there we were thinking that 8500 U.S. gun dealers near the border were supplying the drug cartels with weapons. Well, that’s what the ATF thought. Or wants Congress to think. But then, the ATF were (are?) the ones helping make that happen. Meanwhile, I found this little tidbit buried in elpasotimes.com‘s report on yesterday’s DEA – ICE drug cartel sweep: “In operations in McAllen in South Texas, a drug-smuggling ring accused of working with Mexico’s Gulf Cartel was dismantled after 11 people — including a U.S. National Guardsman allegedly providing the group with U.S. military equipment — were arrested in connection with the case Wednesday. Authorities recovered hand grenades, assault rifles and bulletproof vests.” The monitor.com has more . . .[more]

According to  National guardsmen among McAllen drug, guns bust, by Erika Flores, ValleyCentral.com, February 24, 2013, one accused's actual photograph looks like this:

Jose Francisco Padilla


Padilla is a Mexican-American, not a Mexican. I know this, because while news stories don't usually say, the US Attorney's office did:

For Immediate Release

Friday, February 25, 2011

Federal Charges Filed Against Eleven Arrested After Discovery and Seizure of Marijuana, Cocaine, Firearms, Grenades and Ammunition

(McALLEN, Texas) — Federal charges of drug-trafficking and illegal weapons-exporting crimes have been filed in U.S. District Court in McAllen, Texas, against a total of 11 defendants arrested earlier this week, United States Attorney José Angel Moreno announced today.

Charged by criminal complaint filed today with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 3,267 kilograms of marijuana and 66.25 kilograms of cocaine seized from residences on West Gardenia Street and I-J Avenue in McAllen on Wednesday, Feb. 23, are Edgar Daniel Zapata, 30, Francisco Ivan Zapata, 25; Jose Leonso Pecina, 20; Arturo Zapata-Ortiz, 52; Jose Rafael Chavira, 34; Rene Alberto Loera, 38; Santos Isidro De La Paz, 22; Alma San Juana Pecina, 46; and Jose Francisco Padilla, 30. Several of the defendants are undocumented aliens from Mexico; one defendant, Jose Francisco Padilla, is a U.S. citizen from McAllen.

A second complaint filed today also charges Zapata and De La Paz along with Jose David Arturo Reyes-Lopez, 28, and Jose Guadalupe Reyes-Martinez, 48, both Mexican nationals, with unlawful export and attempted export of 1,802 cartridges of .308 caliber ammunition seized from a residence on I-J Avenue in McAllen on Wednesday.[More]

One of the things Padilla is charged with selling to the cartels is a machine-gun. Let me make that clear—people tend to call Uzis, old style tommyguns, and M-16s "machine-guns." This was a machine gun. Like this:


Does the National Guard, when it's guarding the border, have anything like this? It does not. It has M-16s with no ammunition.


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