Hispanic applauds another attempt to repress VDARE.com
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Apparently the Denver Post columnist Al Knight had some kind things to say yesterday about Peter Brimelow and VDARE.com on 630 KHOW-AM’s The Peter Boyles Show:

go to a website called vdare.com, which you are familiar with, I'm sure —

BOYLES: We're going to have these guys on a little bit later.

KNIGHT: — and read Peter Brimelow. I ran into his piece after I wrote mine the other day. And he did a better job, honestly, in the sense of outlining the core reasons why, the core issues that voters and citizens should look at. And that — it really is a good piece.

This has provoked hysteria in Colorado. One "Luis", who is active on a left wing “progressive community blog on all things Colorado” called SquareState.net shrieks

Post Columnist Directs Boyles Listeners To White Supremacist Website

racism (perhaps more accurately, white supremacy) lies at the heart of conservative misinformation in Colorado. This is what we're up against. Fight it, or cooperate with it — you make the call.

“Luis” links to a story on Colorado Media Matters On Boyles' show, Post's Knight promoted VDARE but omitted its "white nationalist" ties which is a long rehash of the usual smears (so long it must have been prepared for some time, probably with a revival of the immigration debate in mind). The piece has an Audio clip of the interview portion and the contact details of Knight, Boyles and his employer with the exhortation "Take Action!" The intention is obvious.

In America of 2007, of course, the allegation of white supremacism is calculated to drive an opponent out of public debate, and is very capable of doing so.

Peter Brimelow objects strongly to this tactic being applied to VDARE.com. (Ever wonder why his MSM appearances are so rare?)

But more important tonight, in the light of the Senate reversion to last year’s Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration policy, is to set this behavior in historical context. America’s political freedom and prosperity both derive from traditions inherited from the Founding Fathers. Other nations’ successes can literally be measured against the yardstick of the degree to which they adopt or discard these traits. Dealing with political opponents by argument, rather than repression, is a peculiar tradition of the Anglo-Saxon world. It is not natural in Latin America, Asia or even much of Europe. There intolerance and repression have been the norm.

Ultimately what is at stake in this effort to transform America is Freedom. Different peoples will bring—have brought— other traditions.

Applaud Al Knight, Peter Boyles, 630 KHOW-AM, and its owner.

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