Hillary's So-called Popular Vote Well Under The Margin Of Illegal Voters
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This tweet about the popular vote—stating that the rioters are the real majority—is literally Fascist. (Note capital F.) I'm talking Mussolini. here, except his street mobs were all native-born Italians.

Diana West, on the other hand, points to the real truth about Clinton's "popular vote" is not the vote of the American people, but of illegal immigrants.

About that popular vote victory the Left is claiming over Donald Trump.

The latest tallies show that after millions of Americans citizens, fraudsters and non-citizens voted for president, Donald Trump won 59,704,886 votes and Hillary Clinton won 59,938,290.

That's 233,304 more votes in Hillary's column. [This seems more likely than the number above] But is this margin of popular victory the will of legally registered American voters?

Correction: Hillary Clinton Won the Illegal Vote, The Death of the Grown-Up, November 10, 2016

She quotes a study that concluded  that a "whopping 1.2 million non-citizens cast ballots, and cast mainly Democrat ballots, in the 2008 election that brought Barack Obama into the White House. "

Those votes gave   North Carolina to Obama and put Al Franken in the Senate—which is the 60 seat majority that gave America Obamacare.

Ms. West concludes that

No doubt there remains number-crunching to do on the 2016 election, especially when it comes to states and districts that were won by narrow margins of victory. It seems eminently fair, however, to deduce that Clinton's margin of popular victory, typically and fittingly, was illegal.
Follow that with this from Drudge:
CLAIM: 3 Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegals...
And you can see that Hillary's Constitutionally irrelevant "popular vote" is particularly hollow.
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