Trump Already Lessening Illegal Immigration
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From Yahoo News:

The fears of the undocumented in the time of Trump


Javier Tovar, with Said Betanzos in Tijuana

AFPNovember 11, 2016

Los Angeles (AFP) – When would-be immigrants Bernardino and Samuel got word in Mexico of the election of Donald Trump, they immediately gave up their plans to cross illegally into the United States. …

Bernardino, a 34-year-old Honduran who declined to give his last name, was looking for a “coyote” to help him slip into the United States near the border city of Tijuana when he abandoned his plan. So did 18-year-old Samuel, a Salvadoran.

Both men said they feared that if they are caught, their family members living north of the border might suffer.

“Imagine if they stop me, after a while my family living over there would have problems. The truth I never imagined is that the blond man might win,” Samuel said at Padre Chava’s breakfast hall, a soup kitchen in downtown Tijuana that provides food and clothing for more than 1,000 immigrants every day.

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