Hhhmmm, No Grand Jury In Zimmerman Case
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Very interesting.  It means that any political heat will be foursquare on Angela Corey, the assigned special State's Attorney in the Zimmerman self-defense shooting.

Miami Herald April 9, 2012 by Katie Sanders

No Grand Jury In Trayvon Martin Case

The special prosecutor assigned to investigate the Trayvon Martin case will not be using a grand jury to determine whether to arrest George Zimmerman, her office confirmed Monday morning.

The former prosecutor on the case, Seminole County State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, had elected to use a grand jury, and had scheduled the group to meet on Tuesday.

Angela Corey told The Miami Herald in an interview last month that she did not expect to need a grand jury, and would likely make the decision on whether or not to charge Zimmerman herself.

“I always lean towards moving forward without needing the grand jury in a case like this,” Corey said last month. “I foresee us being able to make a decision, and move on it on our own.”

This does not tell us much.  Corey has made an obvious decision to take all the heat herself either way.  Grand Juries are usually good for sensitive cases, and the way that prosecutions should go unless there is already a plea agreement arranged.

It is important to point out that if Corey decides to charge Zimmerman, she can be held personally liable if a judge rules that Zimmerman was protected by the Stand Your Ground statute.  

It could be that Corey is going to use this to gain support in the black community for a run at state-wide office by charging Zimmerman.  

Or that she knows there is no case and will be making the right decision to clear Zimmerman.  Or perhaps there is a lesser crime involved in the incident that she will charge.  Perhaps Zimmerman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but that probably would have come out.  

But if Zimmerman isn't charged, we know that the New Black Panthers have a blood-bath planned. Perhaps Zimmerman will be the sacrificial lamb and Corey is hoping that a jury will not convict or a judge will throw the charges out, she can appear to be the champion of the black community, and that the several months or years before a judge or jury rules things will have calmed down.

Stay tuned.  Stockpile ammunition.  It ain't going to be pretty no matter what happens.  Just remember the original prosecutor thought no crime was committed or at least an indictment was prohibited by Stand Your Ground.

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