Illegal Alien Kicked Off One Welfare Program
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But remains on two other welfare programs.  In a story on welfare cheats and welfare reform, the NYT lets the cat out of the bag.  Most welfare cheats kicked off welfare actually remain on welfare, but just transfer their dependency to other programs.  Illegal aliens included.

NYT April 7, 2012 by Jason DeParle

Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit

One family ruled out crime and rummaged through trash cans instead. The mother, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, could not get aid for herself but received $164 a month for her four American-born children until their time limit expired. Distraught at losing her only steady source of cash, she asked the children if they would be ashamed to help her collect discarded cans.

“I told her I would be embarrassed to steal from someone — not to pick up cans,” her teenage daughter said.

Weekly park patrols ensued, and recycling money replaced about half of the welfare check.

Despite having a father in prison and a mother who could be deported, the children exude earnest cheer. A daughter in the fifth grade won a contest at school for reading the most books. A son in the eighth grade is a student leader praised by his principal for tutoring younger students, using supplies he pays for himself.

“That’s just the kind of character he has,” the principal said.

After losing cash aid, the mother found a cleaning job but lost it when her boss discovered that she was in the United States illegally. The family still gets subsidized housing and $650 a month in food stamps.

What a great deal, get kicked off welfare but still get about $1,200 a month in welfare and be an illegal alien.  What a country.  And it gives lie to the so-called welfare reform of the 90s. With reform like that, we can't survive any more "reform."  Thanks for nothing Newt.

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