Here We Go Again: Undocumented Shoppers In Philadelphia
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It will be interesting to see if the media goes all in on pushing this police shooting in Philadelphia like they did in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Kenosha, or whether ever since Kenosha the word has been out to keep BLM rioting on the QT until after the election:

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Obviously, a nightmare scenario for Democrats’ is—at the last moment—a blue city in the key swing state of Pennsylvania being sacked over a routine black-crazy-man-with-a-knife shooting.

At 11pm EDT in Philadelphia it’s a pleasant 61 degrees F and not much chance of rain before Tuesday night (when Antifa normally arrives), and even through Wednesday the weather is likely to be not bad. Then it’s going to pour rain on Thursday.

Joe probably feels like it’s his duty to America to go on national TV tomorrow and announce his One Point Plan for Ending Police Killings: “When an unarmed person comes at him with a knife or something, shoot him in the leg instead of the heart.”

Even though Biden has at least twice in 2020 made his Shoot-‘Em-In-The-Leg suggestion, as recently as 2010 he beat me to my joke about the idea coming from unrealistic cowboy shows. From the New York Post in 2010:

Cops furious at ‘don’t-kill’ bill
May 25, 2010 | 4:00am

… Paladino, whose association represents 5,100 investigators, said he showed the bill last week to Vice President Joe Biden, who scoffed and suggested it be dubbed “The John Wayne Bill” because it demands sharp-shooting skills of the kind only seen in movies.

Is the Old Biden still in there somewhere under the silly New Biden?

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