Help Keep Telling The Truth About Immigration!
December 04, 2010, 04:05 AM
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It Will (Tax-Deductibly) Set You, And Your Country, Free

By Peter Brimelow, Editor, VDARE.COM

I had just started writing this Christmas Appeal–the most important of the year, when VDARE.COM raises most of its funds through the generosity of you, our loyal readers–when I was stopped by this impossible-to-parody headline (November 27) in the New York Times:


The New York Times still sets the agenda for much of the Main Stream Media, tree- and electron-based. Many local newspapers carry its stories unedited. So this headline was propagated across the country.

>And the headline really says it all.

It wasn’t an ”Oregon teen”. It was a Somali Muslim immigrant.

It wasn’t a ”Holiday” event. It was a Christmas Tree lighting.

Of course, the ”teen”, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, is innocent until proved guilty. And maybe federal investigators shouldn’t be involved in such extraordinarily elaborate sting operations. (How come they never seem to sting the employers of illegal immigrants?)

But none of that excuses the reflexive reaction to the story by the editors at the key MSM gateway: Politically Correct censorship.

Instinctively, our political class just doesn’t want Americans to know when immigrants (let alone Muslim immigrants) commit crimes. [More—go to the main page for the rest of the story, and to donate]