DREAM Act Has a Big Pricetag
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According to recent number crunching done by the Center for Immigration Studies, the much ballyhooed DREAM Act stealth amnesty will cost taxpayers billions of dollars rather than provide a benefit. What a surprise.
Estimating the Impact of the DREAM Act, CIS Memorandum, November

On average, each illegal immigrant who attends a public institution will receive a tuition subsidy from taxpayers of nearly $6,000 for each year he or she attends, for total cost of $6.2 billion a year, not including other forms of financial assistance they may also receive.

(As an example of the poor reporting on this issue from even the friendly press, note how the occasional supporter of sovereignty Sean Hannity mischaracterized the bill as granting ”amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants” in the video below. Of course, the ”children” themselves are citizens of foreign countries, here illegally. Hannity fancies himself as the brilliant analyst, but can’t even describe important legislation correctly. Hannity was less concerned about border security when Republican George Bush was President. Anyway, what Senator Sessions had to say is more important.)

Another item that should be discussed is what illegal alien students study. A recent sob story focused on an illegal alien student at UC Berkeley whose majors were anthropology and ethnic studies (Illegal Alien Che Fanboy Scramble for Cash While Attending UC Berkeley, pictured below).

It would be interesting to know how many illegal students plan a professional career helpful to their tribe rather than the American people, but pollsters and reporters don’t seem to be interested in that topic. When California students hold protest rallies, some don’t even bother to create signs in English any more. When students complained last spring about increased tuition, another sign that popped up was ”Defend Ethnic Studies” as a marker of leftist fervor.

According to Marxists lurking in academia, the socialist revolution in America will be delivered by the diverse masses, who will in turn be led by leaders trained by ethnic studies and similar victimization-heavy doctrines. So passage of the DREAM Act may well bring a boom in ethnic studies as part of a larger agenda.

Finally, will illegal kiddies who claim they are about to be deported get a guaranteed ticket to the university of their choice ahead of citizen students? I know a lot of colleges where such a plea would be a big plus.

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