Help Terry Anderson, Champ Phrasemaker, Take On The $PLC!
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Last night (November 22, 2009) on his weekly show, talk-radio host Terry Anderson referred to the Southern Poverty Law Center (known at VDARE.COM as the $PLC, since this is one "non-profit" where charity really begins at home) as the "Southern Poverty Lie Center"!

By the way, that was Terry's ninth-anniversary show. Since November, 2000, he and his crew (in recent years producer Michael Wolner and calls-screener Mel Hafenfeld) have labored, with zero financial compensation, to make 467 shows, focused always on illegal immigration, happen. Terry himself hasn't had a single Sunday night off during that whole stretch, except for a handful of times when his home station KRLA (Glendale, CA), with negligible notice, preempted his show.

Because Terry mastered his prepping and on-air roles early on, the crew's biggest burden has long been raising the scratch to buy air-time on KRLA and on the other stations scattered across the country that are in Terry's "network". The show is largely funded by the listeners, mostly via a trickle of modest donations.

If you're not within broadcast range of one of Terry's network stations, you can listen online, live, via KRLA's website or that of the RBN network, both accessible from Terry's own site. The show is on Sundays, 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time, midnight to 1 a.m. [Monday] Eastern Time. If you like what you hear, please chip in! It's very much needed.

(Terry's website suffered a cyber attack a few months ago, so the content at the site is limited while they're rebuilding it.)

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