Radio on Roids
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I was in Washington DC from October 3-6 to attend several days of intense immigration and overpopulation seminars. I attended the FAIR Board of Advisors Conference, Social Contract’s Writer’s Workshop, and almost two days of public forums sponsored by the Population Institute.

Speakers included some of the world’s foremost experts on immigration and population stabilization. Some of my favorite speeches were made by Congressman Brian Bilbray, Kris Kobach, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, Otis Graham, Don Barnett, Peter Brimelow, Diana Hull, Ann Corcoran, Father Patrick Bascio, Paul Nachman, Bob Howard, Brenda Walker, Howard Wooldridge, Terry Anderson, William Catton, Richard Heinberg, and William Ryerson. There were many other good speakers whose names I don’t recall.

One of the most enjoyable things I did was to attend Terry Anderson’s radio show, which was broadcast live from the FAIR office at midnight on Sunday evening in Washington DC. The office was kind of spooky because we were the only ones there at that late hour of the weekend. Also there for the show were Brenda Walker, Paul Nachman, and D.A. King. Terry’s special guest for the show just happened to be D.A King.

DA and TA together on one show was like roids on radio. They really got into it and were entertaining as well as informational. Terry announced all of our names about 15 minutes into the show.

You can listen to the October 4 show by going directly to the mp3 or get to it by finding the past show archives at the Terry Anderson home page:

If you get a warning in your browser when you click the Terry Anderson links ignore it because it's a false cyber attack that is meant to hurt TA's web traffic. His webmaster is working on the problem but meanwhile, depending on your browser, there should be a way to ignore the warning.

Photo courtesy of Brenda Walker

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