Have Friend's Suitcase, Will Travel
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Maria Candelaria Moreno, who lives in Milwaukee, WI, and companion Ricardo Moreno Esparza, "a citizen of Mexico," were arrested for illegal-alien-smuggling in Laredo, TX on Thursday, November 12, when U.S. Customs agents at the border crossing found an unnamed, 31-year-old Mexican woman inside Moreno's suitcase. "The woman in the suitcase was held for removal back to Mexico." (Customs agents find woman in suitcase, by Lynn Brezosky, San Antonio Express-News, November 16, 2009)

Reading the article caused my claustrophobia to kick in, but other readers, apparently not so handicapped, left comments online proving that the American entrepreneurial spirit is robust and always in the hunt for promising economic ideas. Referring to the passenger in the suitcase, "cil492000" wrote, at 8:50 AM, "She was probably a souvenir from one of the shops." And "Independent," at 9:18 PM, weighed in with "Here most people steal the soap or towels in hotels but I guess the sticky fingered Mexicans go one step further and steal the maids these days?"

There was also a simple patriotic urging by "JP" at 5:40 PM: "Sic em border patrol."

Hat-tip, as so frequently, to American Patrol.

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