Immigrant Soldiers
November 18, 2009, 04:44 AM
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Iconoculture`s trendspotting service always has something horrifying in it, although they don`t seem to know it`s horrifying:

Fighting for an education: More Latinos joining the U.S. Army for school benefits
* As Latinos fight to keep their head above water in the lagging economy, more are joining the U.S. Army. Although enlistment bonuses and military pay are welcome, the lure of a higher education has proven to be a strong incentive.
* A study by the RAND Corporation found that Latino young adults are most responsive to the military`s educational benefits, whereas black Army applicants respond most to salary and bonus incentives, and whites to military pay ( 10.21.09).
* According to the study, the percentage of Army recruits who were Latino rose from 6.6% in 1994 to 11.4% in 2007.WHAT THIS MEANS TO BUSINESS
* Steady pay, job training and the opportunity to serve their country is helping to increase military recruitment among young adults overall. But for Latinos, the promise of higher education is a bonus that`s most attractive.
* Companies that are hiring can look to Latino military veterans who`ve taken advantage of educational benefits.

Great! Latinos,(which frequently means immigrants, and sometimes illegals) having colonized the military, can then take the jobs when they get back.

Here`s an article I wrote about the whole foreign legions problem before 9/11, and here`s the Onion News Network`s satirical take on this idea: New Bill Will Send Illegal Immigrants To Iraq.