Bipartisan Betrayal: "Bush Aide" Attacks American Gun Rights On Behalf Of Mexico
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The Washington Times's  Jerry Seper reports on yet another reminder that American government is not truly a two-party system, but a one-party regime with a hard left-of-center wing (the Democrats) and a just plain left-of-center wing (the post-Reagan GOP).

Anything to do with our awkward neighbor, Mexico, always brings out the worst in both wings of the regime. That's what's happening with  growing narco-anarchy in Mexico, where the American approach has consistently been to throw good money after bad while refusing to look at the character of the recipients.

The leaders of both big American political parties blithely adopt the Leftist canard that the reason Mexican drug cartels are so heavily armed is that Americans have the right, under the Second Amendment, to own weapons. The presumption, never proved or even seriously tested, is that Mexican narcotraficantes get all their weapons from the United States.

The Democratic Party remains committed to disarming Americans in defiance of the Second Amendment, but for tactical reasons is not trying at the moment to revive Bill Clinton's unconstitutional "assault weapons" ban. Barack Hussein Obama and his Barbadian-American attorney general  both favor reinstating it, but Obama had decided not to push that now, even though the ban "made sense" in his mind.

That can only be because, bloodied by the fight over socialist medicine and contemplating the prospect of another fight over illegal alien amnesty and "guest-worker" programs, the Democrats don't want to take on yet a third major assault on the Constitution that most Americans will hate.

In  this instance, the Republican riding to the Democrats' aid is a better-forgotten apparatchik of the administrations of both feckless former Presidents Bush: Robert Bonner, former federal judge and former head of the Customs Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Bonner, presumed to be an expert because of the appointments he once held, has emerged from his L.A. law office to call for the reinstatement of the "assault weapons" ban.

Bonner [send him mail] claims that, along with other measures, is vital to help restore (if it was ever truly present to restore) civil order in Mexico. No doubt this endorsement by a prominent Republican who is supposed to know something about Mexico and the border will embolden Obama and Holder along with Democrats in the Congress—and go-along Republicans like Lindsey Graham—to push soon to reinstate the ban.[Bush aide urges weapons ban to slow Mexican drug war November 17, 2009 Jerry Seper]

And so, once again, our rulers propose to subordinate the legitimate interests and Constitutional rights of Americans to the perceived needs of Mexico and Mexicans. This is, of course, nothing new. The right of Americans to live in states that the federal government protects against invasion, as Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution mandates, has been subordinated for decades now to the "need" of Mexicans, other Latin Americans and just about anyone else (as long as he is not of European heritage - unless, of course, he is Jewish or Irish; thank you, Messrs. Jackson and Vanik, and thank you, Ted Kennedy) to enter our country, squat here, pillage our over-generous welfare, school and penal systems, drive drunk and kill people, sell drugs and kill people, undercut Americans at work, and render huge swathes of our country utterly alien to the natives.

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