Hate Crime Laws: Some shall be more Equal than others.
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When The Kvetcher takes an interest in something he does not get distracted. Since his initial post acknowledging the force of Kevin MacDonald’s analysis on this site of the upcoming Hate Crime legislation: The Hate Crimes Prevention Bill: Why Do Jewish Organizations Support It?

he has published two more items. Preventing Another Great Travesty of Justice points out that the killers of Matthew Shepard for whom the legislation is popularly named were in fact ferociously punished:

Henderson is currently serving two consecutive life sentences and McKinney is serving the same but without the possibility of parole.

Given the general inability of American Courts to deliver the death penalty, what more could be done? Objectively, what went wrong?

But in an earlier post, The Kvetcher identifies the truth: this legislation is about privileging and promoting certain minority elements. Putting a thumb of color on the scales of justice posits the logical solution.

Let’s just pass a law that flatly states that any time a violent crime is committed, if the assailant enjoys a significantly less ”minority” protected status than his victim, he is given an additional 2/3rd’s time to his prison sentence, provided we can be reasonably sure that he was aware that the victim was a member of a protected class. But if the assailant is of a protected class, he just receives the regular sentence, even if it were inspired by hatred, since as we know, that’s really Whitey’s fault anyway.

Irony is a dangerous weapon — lot of slow-witted people out there — but it certainly illuminates the point.

Matthew Shepard’s name is used not because his killers were inadequately punished - they weren't - but because his case riles up his sexual comrades.

It is working. The Kvetcher began Putting a thumb of color by saying

Nat Hentoff lashes out at the press over its strange silence on the hate crimes law.

Why is the press remaining mostly silent about the so-called ”hate crimes law” that passed in the House on April 29?

Moreover, scanning through the comment threads of those articles which have appeared, noisy pro-privilege elements are preponderant. It is some way to being the reverse of the situation which prevailed in the Amnesty battles.

Given the way these social control laws morph, and the general dishonesty of their engineers, there is every reason to fear a degeneration of American rights in the appalling direction of the U.K, Canada and Australia.

Indeed, the process has already started.

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