Has Michael Brendan Dougherty Written The Most IDIOTIC Article Ever On The Immigration Debate?
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I can't remember if I've ever met Michael Brendan Dougherty, but we had a series of email exchanges that ended when he stood me up for lunch without explanation a couple of years ago. (The younger generation is cowardly, but in their defense $PLC spies and enforcers are everywhere!)

A VDARE.com friend just alerted me to The GOP will survive immigration amnesty| The Republican Party will just do what it always does: adapt [The Week, February 5, 2014]. Our friend writes:

The most IDIOTIC article I have read yet on the immigration debate...The whole premise of his article is that the GOP MUST change to adapt to the immigrants, not vice versa!

I think that's a bit hard—Dougherty does concede that Ann Coulter

presents impressive polling evidence to show that immigrants and naturalized U.S. citizens typically agree more with liberal ideas about government than conservative ones. "No wonder they vote for Democrats 2-1," she writes.

But what I think is really remarkable is that Dougherty actually knows there was an immigration cut-off in the 1920s, but still does not address the argument that it was essential to the process of assimilation...and GOP survival.

This sort of pollyannaishness is common among conservatives who, for various reasons, don't want to grapple with America's post-1965 immigration disaster.

Commenter Bikerdude writes:

I find the author's logic a bit contradictory. He says the Republican party will survive and then goes on to cite a historic example in which the Whigs and the Know Nothings didn't survive.

"When the Whigs and Know Nothings collapsed, their members in the North typically migrated to the Republican Party."

I'd say it is more likely that when the Republican party collapses, the conservative members will migrate to the TEA party while the rest will join the Democrats. At that time, some of the independents will also join the TEA party.

Of course Bikerdude is right. But he doesn't have to make a career in the MSM.

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