Happy St. Wenceslaus Day/ Yom Kippur/ etc.!
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In the Episcopalian Church, which I belong to and which I'm [expletive deleted] well going to publicize despite its many grievous failings, it's the feast of Saint Michael and All Angels on September 29, celebrated on Sunday morning here in the Connecticut Berkshires with a Chinese dragon containing the younger members of the parish except for one boy who killed it with a plastic sword. (I was surprised too). I remarked upon this feast last year. September 30 is the feast of St. Jerome for Anglicans, Roman Catholics and the Easter Orthodox.

But the saint I'm really interested in this year is celebrated only by my wife's Roman Catholic church, on September 28: Saint Wenceslaus. Not only does this remind us, through the carol once sung throughout the Anglosphere, of the wicked War Against Christmas which is actually provoking this upstaging item, but also of the widely-reported resurgence of Christmas in the Czech Republic, after the long night of universal-nation Stalinism.

This year, September 28 is also Yom Kippur. Whatever — VDARE.COM wishes a happy [Fall feast day] to all its readers.

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