Happy St Finbar/ Cosmas And Damian Day! (Oh, And Also Yom Kippur)
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Today, September 25, is of course the Feast of St. Finbar, 550-620, the first bishop of the City of Cork in Ireland. Originally called Lochan, he was nicknamed "Fionbarra" ("Fairhead" in Old Irish). Which naturally made me think of my son, Alexander, my one (1) reference to his blond hair in Alien Nation, in the unimpeachable context of the absurdity of immigrants getting Affirmative Action preferences at the expense of the native-born, and the telling WASP-hatred this revealed among so many reviewers.

And tomorrow is the Feast of St. Cosmas and Damian, patron saints of pharmacists, Christian doctors who were tortured to death under Diocletian. Shades of Obamacare!

Oh, and from sunset to sunset it's also Yom Kippur. But the moral of the War On Christmas is that the modern spirit of Holiday makes it impossible for any religion to celebrate its festivals without obeisance to all others.

Neverthless, at VDARE.com we do wish all our readers a Happy...Day. Sincerely!

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