Guns Don't Murder. A (Certain Type Of) Person Murders
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As AW Morgan noted for us in Uh-Oh—Media Matters Upset With Ann Coulter Over The Color Of Gun Crime, our intrepid friend has sent the bad-tempered bigots who congregate over there into frothing rage by pointing out a Hate Fact in saying  "If You Compare White Populations, We Have The Same Murder Rate As Belgium" "So perhaps it's not a gun problem. It is a demographic problem." Media Matters January 14, 2013

For those who think, rather than emote, there has been some excellent work statistical done on this subject in the blogosphere recently, most succinctly presented at Jim’s Blog Guns, murder, and race January 7th 2013

American whites murder at about the same rate as whites in countries with strict gun control, American “Hispanics” murder at about the same rate as they do in their native countries, which generally have strict gun control, and that American blacks murder at about the same rate as blacks do world wide, mostly in countries with strict gun control.  


The origin of this is two comments posted to an article on Steve Sailer’s iSteve site here and here. The author concludes

…it seems that race/ethnicity is a very good predictor of homicide rate. It is very hard to make an honest case that gun ownership is much of a factor at all in causing homicides. The evidence suggests that people(s) kill people, not guns. In heavily armed Switzerland, white USA, Serbia etc., the homicide rate is low. In mostly disarmed Netherlands, Poland and Italy, the homicide rate is also low. The common factor here is the European background. In sub-Saharan African areas with more guns (Equatorial Guinea, Angola), homicide rates are high. In sub-Saharan African areas that have very few guns (Ghana, Ethiopia, Eritrea, in fact most of sub-Saharan Africa) homicide rates are also high. The common factor here is the sub-Saharan racial background.

A Modest Proposal to President Obama: the most effective way of reducing gun homicide in America would be prohibit Black men from having guns.

H/T View From The Right

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