DHS Chief Kelly Failing/Betraying Country: Time For The Trump Treatment
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This week has made it irrefutably clear that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Major General John Kelly is absolutely unsuitable for the job and should immediately be given the Trump Treatment - aka “YOU”RE FIRED”

Kelly was in Mexico and the headlines are outrageous: DHS Chief Kelly Pledges ‘No Mass Deportations’ During Talks With Mexico’s Leaders by Andrew Rafferty NBC NEWS Feb 23, 2017

"Let me be clear, there will be no mass deportations, everything we do in DHS will be done legally," DHS Chief John Kelly said during a press conference following meetings with Mexican officials. "The focus of deportation will be on the criminal element, all of this will be done in close coordination with Mexico."
DHS secretary Kelly tells Mexico US won't use military for deportations by Rich Edson Fox News
"There will be no use of military forces in immigration," said Kelly during a statement to the press at the Mexican Foreign Ministry. "At least half of you try to get this right."

Kelly was addressing reports that quoted President Trump describing recent deportations as "a military operation." The White House later claimed Trump was describing the efficiency of immigration enforcement operations.

Quite apart from making his superior officer look foolish (definitely not the way he became a Marine Corps General) Kelly is throwing away the most powerful tool for rectifying America’s immivasion mess: fear.

Federale got it right in Trump’s New Deportation Rules: If Illegals Want To Panic, They Can!

…one of the purposes of enforcement action is to discourage illegal immigration and to cause illegal aliens to fear arrest and formal removal, then thereby leave on their own volition…

For immigration enforcement to work, as with Operation Wetback, half of those who leave do so out of fear, fear of being arrested and deported. The Trump Administration needs to realize that.

Mexico’s treatment of America in the matter of the illegal immigration of both its own citizens and the Central Americans it permits to move over its territory is a scandal and an outrage. The fact that Kelly and Secretary of State Tillerson left Mexico unaccompanied by shrieks of fury means they did not do their job.

All the signs are that Kelly is the sort of DHS Chief the Treason and Cheap Labor Lobbies must have been praying for: providing loud noises to sooth the Peasants but taking no effective action.

As Federale said in his earlier, prescient blog John Kelly, You’re No Jumpin’ Joe Swing (which noted that, incredibly, Kelly claimed not to know what Sanctuary Cities are):

John Kelly is more and more appearing to be either out of his depth or not committed to enforcing the immigration laws of the United States…

Secretary Kelly appears to be either ignorant of major issues in immigration enforcement or deliberately ignoring those issues, and playing a game of pretend immigration enforcement…

Kelly appears ashamed of the work that his Deportation Officers and Immigration Enforcement Agents are doing. Instead of highlighting the arrests as the begining of the deportation of millions, Kelly downplayed the arrests as normal…

Federale’s conclusion is sadly correct:
It appears that Kelly has been captured by the Obama policy of not encouraging illegal aliens to leave the United States. Oh, how immigration patriots should mourn the failure of Kris Kobach to be nominated as DHS Secretary.
Do you really like being made a fool of, PRESIDENT Trump?
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