Guess Which Name Isn't Mentioned in This Article
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From the NYT:

New Women’s Political Party in Britain Demands Faster Equality


LONDON — It may seem an inopportune time to start a new party, given Britain’s crowded political scene, but Sandi Toksvig says she is tired of waiting.

Waiting for what? For women to be treated the same as men, to have the same opportunities, the same representation in the top ranks of business and government and the same salaries, and for Britain’s major political parties to take the issues seriously.

“We have to stop being told to wait for equality,” Ms. Toksvig, 57, a British-Danish writer and comedian, said in an interview. “I’m done waiting.”

Many others are apparently tired of waiting, too. Since Ms. Toksvig and two journalists — Sophie Walker, 44, and Catherine Mayer, 54 — officially introduced the Women’s Equality Party, known here as WE, last month it has set up more than 65 branches and says it has drawn over 45,000 members and supporters.

“It’s incredible the wave of enthusiasm we’re currently riding on,” said Ms. Toksvig, who will soon present a popular television quiz show called “QI” and plans a comedy tour next year to raise money for the new party.

Doing a search on the article for the text string “Thatcher” of course comes up empty.

But how can anybody be expected to remember the sex of the prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990?

We know from first principles that sexist discrimination is rampant in 2015, and that it was worse in the past, and that it is worse on the right. So the fact that the Tory Party made a woman their leader over 40 years ago in February 1975 is too triggering to be brought up in polite society. It disturbs and confuses nice people. Fortunately, we control the Megaphone, so nobody need be annoyed by hatefacts.

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