Gringo Malo On How To Improve Literacy Rates In The US
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It's very simple. Just as the number of "uninsured Americans" includes a number of people who aren't, in fact, Americans, many of the people who drive up the illiteracy rate in America aren't American either.

Figure 8 informs us that while only seven per cent of the white population is functionally illiterate, a whopping forty-four per cent of the Hispanic population is functionally illiterate. The meaning of Hispanic is not made clear, but when mentioned in connection with any social pathology, Hispanic usually means illegal immigrant from Latin America. This suggests a simple method of improving our literacy rates other than the usual and ineffectual method of throwing money at the Department of Education: kick the illegal aliens out.

The beauty of this method is that it requires no new legislation to be enacted and no new taxes to be levied. It merely requires that some of the bums in the Department of Homeland Security get off their sorry asses and do what we taxpayers pay them to do. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.[Gringo Malo's Blog: Improving Literacy Rates]

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