Chicago Sun-Times` Esther J. Cepeda: A Journalist Who Shouldn't Be
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If you are wondering just how far the MSM has sunk in its crusade to help undermine the rule of law, you don't have to look any further than this Chicago Sun-Times reporter, who each Thursday is given an entire page to write about the immigration issue. And it was Cepeda (e-mail her) who last week moderated her paper's "immigration forum" at the Navy Pier Beer Garden in which I took part. Although I objected to the stated theme of this discussion group, i.e, how to best "integrate" both immigrants and illegals into the community given the likelihood that amnesty wasn't about to happen anytime soon (Why make lawbreakers feel welcome?), I chose to make the trip from my Wisconsin home in order to provide some support for Rosanna Pulido, president of the Illinois Minuteman Project and head of the Chicago chapter of "You Don't Speak for Us," who would have been heavily outnumbered by the four anti-rule of law advocates on the panel. (The discussion began shortly after the news of the Senate's defeat of the Bush/Kennedy amnesty.) I was not Cepeda's first choice because, according to Ms. Pulido, I "didn't live in Illinois." Hmmmm. I guess the Land of Lincoln is the only area of this country where illegal aliens are a problem. Several weeks later, however, Cepeda invited me to replace her original selection, Carpentersville, Ill., Trustee Paul Humpher after he changed his mind about participating. (The word is that Humpher decided against taking part after Suzanne Ontiveros,[send her mail] another agenda-driven Sun-Times columnist, called him "stupid" in her June 9th column.) When Cepeda called me, she emphasized that she did not support illegal immigration but I didn't believe her because her writing about this issue coverage of this issue shows just the opposite. My suspicions about her were brought to an even finer point when she permitted Juan Salgado of the Instituto del Progreso Latino to accuse me and Pulido of accepting funds from "white supremacists" and then would not allow me to respond. Salgado also co-chairs Illinois' New Americans project for his good buddy, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Any lingering doubts about whether Cepeda was worthy of the title "journalist" quickly disappeared when I read the following:
"Beginning of the end? Towns across America are taking illegal immigration control into their own hands – with frightening results. What’s next? Neighborhood lynchings?" by Esther J. Cepeda, Chicago Sun-Times, July 5:

The U.S. Senate has endorsed what John McCain called "silent amnesty," but things are no longer silent.

Towns across the country are so intent on controlling illegal immigration in their backyards, they’re taking matters into their own hands.

Take Panama City Beach, Fla., where the cops have taken to pulling up to construction sites with sirens blaring, chasing down and arresting those who run. I guess the regard for basic human dignity doesn’t apply there.

The sheriff has proven it’s OK to terrorize certain community members, so how long until the first lynching? How long until it’s commonplace for Hispanic immigrants to be murdered in the name of immigration law enforcement while neighbors cluck, "But they were illegal"?

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but when it does, the blood will be on the hands of each and every one of the senators who gleefully blocked reform.

The first question that came to my mind was why Cepeda's editor allowed this unprofessional and inflammatory garbage to appear in print. Maybe a few of her bosses can provide an answer. But make sure you include Publisher John Cruickshank, [Email]himself an immigrant, who a few years ago complained to me in a phone conversation that it didn't seem right that illegals were allowed to walk around the streets of his city protected by Mayor Daley's stupid and irresponsible "sanctuary" policy while he" had to jump through hoops" to become a permanent legal resident.

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