Greek Foreign Minister: 300,000 New Immivaders Coming! European MSM Represses
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The remarkable website The New Observer today reports New Wave of 300,000 Invaders Coming By TNO STAFF November 2, 2015
European Union (EU) leaders and the controlled press have deliberately covered up a warning from the Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotsias that a brand new wave of over 300,000 nonwhite invaders has just started their trek from camps in Jordan and Lebanon—as the United Nations announced that a record official 218,000 invaders entered Europe in October alone.

Kotsias made the warning last week during a press conference with his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, held in Athens on Thursday October 29—but controlled media outlets blacked out his comments completely, with the sole exception of the Russian Sputnik News (the former Pravda news service).

As Sputnik News reported, Kotsias said that at least another 300,000 invaders from camps in Jordan and Lebanon had started moving two days previously (this means they started on their journey on October 26) after the United Nations (UN) aid agencies supplying the refugees with cash had effectively run out of money.

( emphasis) A Google News search for the Press Conference bears out The New Observer charge – for instance Steinmeier pledges support to Greece in refugee crisis AFP 29.10.2015.

The Sputnik story, which is in German, quotes Kotsias saying (according to Google Translate)

The Syrians are a very proud people who never harbored the idea of ??emigrating to Europe, if I know the story. The Syrians are not those people who flee to Europe. If their basic living conditions would be guaranteed in the neighboring areas, we now have much fewer refugees.
Even George Soros admits this, as I noted in Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter The exploitation of this mess to Muslimize Europe is simply anti-Christian opportunism. It is the Obamacrat Kidinvasion stratagem on a massive scale.

The New Observer helpfully provided the above picture and caption. It adds perspective to Refugee Resettlement Watch’s story today Asylum scammers: fake passport business booming. On arrival in Europe, these men will simply pretend to Syrians as I noted in Syrian Refugee/Infiltrator/Invader Problem Exacerbated By Wholesale Fraud

Why are Europe's leaders betraying their people like this?

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