Germanistan Is the Plan, Muslim Invader Brags
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Germany’s delusional Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks she is a great humanitarian for unilaterally opening up her nation to many millions of a historically unfriendly tribe. While she is posing for selfies with Islamic welfare moochers, her policy threatens Europe’s survival as the home of western civilization, and people are becoming alarmed at the growing chaos.

Today’s item showing Merkel’s complete idiocy is a video of an Allah gangster spilling the beans.

MUSLIM NEWBIE: Now, honestly, in Germany Islam will come whether you want that or not. Your daughter will wear a hijab. Your son will have a beard. OK? And your daughter will marry a bearded man. And we multiply more and more. You Germans don’t make any more children, you have maybe, tops, maybe two kids, and we make seven, Alhamdulillah, OK, comrade? And then we take four wives, and we have 22 children. So you have maybe one kid and one little doggie, yeah?

And that’s it. Comrade, that’s not our fault, that’s your fault. When you exploited our countries colonized them, so that you can drive your Mercedes and use that digital camera there, that’s how Allah our god makes it that we will conquer you, not with war here in Germany but with birthrates, firstly, and secondly we marry your daughters, yeah? And your daughter will wear a hijab. So, now you can go and lose it, OK, one can already see the hate in your eyes.

Meanwhile, the young Muslim males keep invading.

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