Greece Proving There Aren't Jobs Americans Won't Do
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One of the problems in the immigration debate that is overlooked is the pernicious influence of welfare state on the workforce participation rate.

Business Insider August 2, 2013

Labor Force Participation Rate Falls In July

Despite the lackluster job growth, the unemployment rate still managed to tick down two notches to 7.4% in July from 7.6% in June.

Part of the reason: the labor force participation rate, which fell to 63.4% last month from 63.5% the month before.

The civilian labor force decreased by 37,000 to 155.80 million in July, while those not in the labor force rose by 240,000 to 89.96 million.

The importance of the decline of workforce participation rate is that the legal workforce, especially, though not exclusively, in the unskilled arena, is being replaced with a cohort of illegal aliens as well as a cadre of legal non-immigrant labor.

Interestingly enough the import of welfare state on labor force participation is highlighted in Greece today. The economic collapse there has impacted the labor market, forcing legal workers to re-enter the workforce and crowding out illegal aliens in areas traditionally dominated by either illegal or legal alien workers.

Exhibit 1 is the increasing Hellenization of the Greek tourism service industry, an industry dominated by legal and illegal aliens in the United States.

And this Hellenization of the service industry has been reported by the neo-cons.

GLoP Culture with Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz August 23, 2013
Episode 18: A Tiny Dram of Scotch
This week, a GLoP for the ages as the fellows riff Bradley (or Chelsea) Manning, Greenwald's smuggling partner, a detailed report from the front lines of the NR Cruise, Greece and Scotland, thoughts on Lee Daniels' "The Butler", Oprah's handbag, "Breaking Bad" (of course), some comments on commenters, and muse about the Photoshop for this very show.

Fast forward to 36:30 and you will hear Rob Long's report about how over-educated Greeks are taking over the Greek service industry.

The importance for the immigration debate in the United States is that we have a large cohort of Americans and Legal Permanent Residents that are for one reason or another out of the workforce despite the ability to work. Work for a large cohort has been replaced with a fraudulent disability claim, excessive ease of disability claims, the Disability Treason Bar, currently unemployable black youths, and overgenerous welfare.

Economic contraction has forced Greeks from the welfare state back into the workforce and enabled employers to use the local workforce to replace legal and illegal aliens. One of the areas neglected by nationalists here in the United States is the discipline of the market place that can assist in forcing out the illegal alien workforce. It is not a panacea, but it is a component of any enforce strategy. Cutting welfare benefits, restricting disability to those actually disabled, like a quadriplegic, as opposed to Stanley Thornton Junior who instead of doing a job Americans won't do he lives his recreational lifestyle as an adult baby off the taxpayers.

One of the reasons employers like illegal aliens is that in a real economy workers have to work to eat, rather than live fantasy lives on the taxpayer dime. Hunger, shelter, and other basic needs are an important aspect to the employer-employee relationship and the welfare state throws the balance off.

It is time to bring this part of the immigration debate back to the forefront.

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