Great Replacement Update: Maverick County, Texas, 911 Can’t Handle Calls For Routine Service, Calls For Illegals Have Overwhelmed System
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Traitor Joe Biden’s army of Great Replacers is flooding Eagle Pass, Texas, and surrounding Maverick County so quickly that the county’s 911 system is overwhelmed and can’t handle calls for car wrecks and other routine business.

Maverick County Deputy Constable Frank Bowles delivered the news to Fox & Friends this morning: 

We’re averaging about 3,000 coming across on a daily basis. And our 911 system is constantly being pushed to the limit here locally, answering calls for service, dealing with the migrants from the community, a lot of them coming into the neighborhoods, wandering around, knocking on doors at one or two in the morning. …

90% of the calls coming in are due to the high number of migrants crossing the border here.

[Texas county overwhelmed by 911 calls related to migrants: System is ‘stretched to the limit,’ by Elizabeth Heckman, Fox News, August 25, 2022]

One wonders how the Deep State Anarcho-Tyranny will respond when a few illegals won’t take no for an answer, stop knocking, and start breaking and entering, only to be shot to death by an angry Texan with an AR-15.

On the other hand, nothing will happen to an illegal who provokes an emergency call after a late-night knock at the door, and a white American, miles away, dies after a car wreck because the 911 caller couldn’t get through.

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