Great Replacement Update, Gang Edition: Border Agents Catch 28 Gang Members Since August 27; 17 Illegals Packed Into Horse Trailer
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Hard as it is to believe, Mexico and Latin America still aren’t “sending their best,” as POTUS 45 Trump put it. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports 28 gang-member arrests in the Rio Grande Valley Border Sector in the last 13 days. 

September 2 through September 5, agents collared seven gang members, a statutory rapist, a child molester, and a child abuser [RGV Weekend Update,, September 7, 2022].

August 27 through August 30, RGV agents bagged 21 gang members, two sex fiends, and three criminal “migrants” [Violent Migrants and Gang Members Arrested by RGV Agents,, September 2, 2022].

Total gang members arrested for the year, ADN America reports, is “at least 627 gang members, a significant increase compared to 348 in the fiscal year 2021 and 363 in the fiscal year 2020, according to the agency’s data” [Border Patrol agents arrests dozens of criminals and gang members at border, by Katarina Hall, September 6, 2022].

The number raises the obvious question of how many have slipped past border agents, given that more than 500,000 illegals have done so this fiscal year.

Meanwhile, ever-resourceful smugglers have conceived yet another dangerous way to help Traitor Joe Biden dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation. Now they’re packing illegals into horse trailers.

“Kinney Co Sheriff’s Deputies arrest a smuggler hauling 17 migrants in a horse trailer,” free-lancer Ali Bradley reported:

The Sheriff says they called border patrol but agents weren’t available to apprehend the migrants—The deputy dropped them off at the BP station—Lack of resources along the border on display.

Looking at the people with whom Let’s Go Brandon is replacing us, one wonders whether we should be amused or insulted.

H/T: Border Hawk, Numbers USA

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