Great Replacement Update: Brownsville, Texas:  Nearly 5,000 Illegals Infest Border Town
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Illegal aliens besieged Brownsville, Texas this week like the relentless horde of zombies that attacked Jerusalem in World War Z. Total: almost 5,000, the Border Hawk reported, citing tweets from two sources [5,000 Illegals Swarm Brownsville, Texas, April 27, 2023].

April 23-24, tweeted Gloria Chavez, chief of the Rio Grande Valley Border Sectors, 1,600 illegals swamped the city.

A source inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Fox News’ Bill Melugin that 2,300 hit the city on April 24.

Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration posted video that shows the “border is collapsing,” as he put it. In fact, it’s already collapsed. The border is gone.

Illegals are roaming the streets freely [Migrants continue streaming into Brownsville; Advocates double up on supplies, by Sandra Sanchez, Border Report, April 27, 2023].

The illegals are swarming because they know the Biden Regime will set them free to colonize the heartland, never to be found or removed.

Let the impeachment of Joseph Robinette Biden and his gang begin.

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