Republicans Do Something (But Not Enough!) On The Border Crisis
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The latest Republican bill has dropped regarding the ongoing Biden Regime instigated border crisis. There is some good, some bad, and a major failure to address the root cause of the border crisis, besides the criminal activity of the Biden Regime, especially the Jewish and Cuban Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mayorcas.

Unfortunately, the bill has been watered down since the first proposal just days ago, all because of treason from the Mexican Republican Tony Gonzalez.

House Republicans unveiled a sprawling new border and immigration reform package that they say is the ‘strongest immigration bill ever.’

The package brings together a Judiciary Committee bill on immigration law with a Homeland Security Committee bill on border restrictions and leaders said Thursday in a news conference they believe it has the backing of 218 – the number needed for it to pass the House.

‘We put together the strongest immigration enforcement legislation ever. It deals with [unaccompanied children], it deals with the Flores situation, asylum, E-verify, and of course, the Remain in Mexico policy, as well as visa overstay issues,’ Jim Jordan, chair of the Judiciary Committee, said in a news conference.

Republicans Unveil ‘Strongest Immigration Bill Ever’ Two Weeks Before Title 42 Termination – And As Thousands Join New US-Bound Migrant Caravan, by Morgan Philips, Daily Mail, April 27, 2023

But claims to having mandated “Remain In Mexico” are not completely true, as most of the problem, asylum applicants, are exempted in the bill. However, in any event, “Remain In Mexico” is the law already, just being ignored by the Biden Regime.

The bill leaves out controversial asylum restrictions that revolted centrist Republicans like Rep. Tony Gonzales – Republicans nixed the provision that would force Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas to expel anyone who applies for asylum that his agency can’t detain or relocate to Mexico.

Gonzales had called that idea, part of an original proposal put forward by fellow Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy, ‘un-Christian’ and raised concerns over possibly legitimate asylum seekers.

Roy himself proposed an amendment to remove the asylum language during a lengthy Judiciary markup.

Since the current problem on the border is fraudulent asylum claims, exempting asylum claimants from waiting in Mexico is pointless.

Some improvements do include requiring an actual well-founded fear of persecution by the government rather than fear of crime or other non-persecution related conditions.

With asylum applicants exempt from “Remain In Mexico,” what is the point of any reform? Without funds for detention, there is a serious issue extant; no expansion of Expedited Removal (ER). ER is the authority of the DHS to immediately remove illegal border crossers without going through the multi-year process of hearings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the administrative immigration court system.

The failure to include ER in the border security bill is a major blunder, as the EOIR system is in complete meltdown, as the latest wait time for an EOIR hearing is 10 years down the line, while the EOIR backlog grown in the past year to 1.8 million cases from 1.6 million just a year ago.

U.S. immigration offices have become so overwhelmed with processing migrants for court that some some asylum-seekers who crossed the border at Mexico may be waiting a decade before they even get a date to see a judge.

The backlog stems from a change made two months after President Joe Biden took office, when Border Patrol agents began now-defunct practice of quickly releasing immigrants on parole. They were given instructions to report to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office at their final destination to be processed for court — work previously done by the Border Patrol.

The change prevented the kind of massive overcrowding of holding cells in 2019, when some migrants stood on toilets for room to breathe. But the cost became evident as ICE officers tasked with issuing court papers couldn’t keep pace.

Offices in some cities are now telling migrants to come back years from now, and the extra work has strained ICE’s capacity for its traditional work of enforcing immigration laws in the U.S. interior.

Immigrants Waiting 10 Years In US Just To Get A Court Date, by Elliot Spagat, Associated Press/Yahoo News, April 26, 2023

The problem at the border is because of the EOIR. The current crisis cannot and will not be solved without expanding and mandating use of ER on all illegal aliens, including those claiming asylum, as well as those already in the United States. It is a failure of a fundamental understanding as to the causes of the border crisis. Illegal aliens know how the system operates, all they have to do is cross the border, fraudulently make a claim of persecution, and then the illegals are released into the United States.

Reinforcing “Remain In Mexico” would help, but without expanded ER, “Remain In Mexico” only encourages illegal aliens to make multiple attempts to enter and be a “got away.”

Mandatory ER is the solution, it is a shame that Chip Roy does not know that. It is also disappointing that the Republican Party grants its Mexican loyalist members veto over solutions to the border crisis. What is the point of allowing members with alien loyalties the authority to make immigration policy?

And it will only get worse. A million or more illegal aliens are poised to rush the border once Title 42 is officially ended.


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