Great Replacement Update: Americans Will Pay At Least $200B To Replace Themselves
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In a report several years ago, the Center for Immigration Studies extrapolated data from the National Academy of Sciences to calculate an illegal alien’s lifetime cost to American taxpayers: $65,292 [Deportation vs. the Cost of Letting Illegal Immigrants Stay, by Steven Camarota, August 3, 2017]. Well, adjusting for inflation, the cost is now $80,000 each. That brings the total so far for Joe Biden’s border treason to a mind-boggling $200 billion.

CIS’s Mark Krikorian crunched the numbers after revealing that the illegals in New York City alone will cost taxpayers $4.2 billion.

Here’s what you might call the money quote:

Adjusted for inflation, the lifetime cost to taxpayers of each illegal immigrant is over $80,000. Under Biden’s orders, Homeland Security has released into the United States nearly 2 million illegal border-crossers (so far!), meaning their lifetime cost to taxpayers will be close to $150 billion.

Add in another 1 million got-aways ... and the lifetime cost for taxpayers soars past $200 billion.

[Cost of Joe Biden’s open borders: $200 billion, paid by you, New York Post, February 10, 2023]

Treason Lobbyists won’t have sticker shock over that because sticker shock is no object when it comes to The Great Replacement and spending other people’s money.

But just to put the number in perspective, here’s what $200 billion actually means:

  • The entire gross domestic product of New Zealand, or Greece, or Peru.
  • The budget of New York, a city of 8.5 million, for two years.
  • Five years of funding for NYC’s schools.
  • Roughly 41% of what the nation spends on welfare overall in a year.
  • Enough to buy every NFL team and still have $60 billion left over.

Based on a source inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Fox News’s Griff Jenkins reported in late December that Biden had released 70 percent of illegals apprehended at the border since the beginning of fiscal 2023. In 2022, VDARE had reported 40 percent based on court filings in the Texas v. Biden case, but a CBP source told us that number is too low. Using the figure from Jenkins, we calculated that Biden would loose 1.74 million illegals upon unsuspecting Americans by September 30, 2023. 

But Kirkorian, again, believes the number is already close to 2 million.

He might be right. Let’s assume Biden consistently released about 70 percent only going back to October 1, 2021, the beginning of fiscal 2022. Border agents have handled 3.25 million illegals since then, which would mean Biden has released about 2.3 million. Cost: $184 billion.

Being generous and assuming Biden released 40 percent for all fiscal 2022 (951,577) and 70 percent only since October 1 (612,114) yields about 1.6 million. Cost: $128 billion.

And remember, those numbers don’t count the cost of gotaways. Even worse, the $200 billion this will cost is for the illegals here now.

But let’s not quibble about numbers. Whichever is correct, it’s the result of Biden’s aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States. That’s treason, and it’s time for the Stupid Party in the U.S. House to impeach him.


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