Almost 500 Terrorists Caught Trying To Enter U.S. In Fiscal ’22; 98 Caught Jumping The Southwest Border
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A measure of just what the world’s terrorists and their backers think of U.S. border security is found in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s year-end report on how many foreigners on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List tried to jump the border or were stopped at ports of entry: 478

Tod Bensman of the Center for Immigration correctly reports that the 98 watch-listed illegal aliens caught jumping the border with Mexico, a 512.5 percent increase from fiscal 2021’s 16, is a record [Record Number of Suspected Terrorists Crossed the U.S.-Mexico Border, October 28, 2022].

But two other numbers, one of which we don’t know, are significant.

Some 600,000 illegals slipped by southwest border agents, and Traitor Joe Biden likely released about 40 percent 2.4 million whom border agents caught or stopped at ports of entry. That figure would be about 960,000.

Thus, we know with near certainty that more than a few terrorists are now running thither and yon, perhaps planning another 9/11. While some slipped past border agents, we can know Biden had to have released a few of them. The total in those categories we don’t know.

Equally important as the 98 caught are those who brazenly tried to enter the country through ports of entry: 67 at the southwest border, 313 at the northern border. That total, 380, is higher than any figure except 2019’s 538. The northern bordeer’s figure is also a record going back to fiscal 2017. How many passed through legally we cannot know.

Add that 380 to Bensman’s alarming figure to get 478 on the Terror Watch List whom border agents caught trying to enter the country.

Maybe the FBI should focus its investigatory apparatus on real terrorists, instead of parents who attend public school-board meeting to complain about Critical Race Theory and “gay” sex manuals in the libraries, or worse, “trans” boys’ using the girls’ restrooms. 

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