GOP Professional Hispanic Castellanos Confirms: Cruz Just Ladder Rung To Ryan Coronation
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To my mind this election cycle has been a triumph for the Breitbart webzine, which has been coming up with far more valuable stories than anyone else. (In the Dinosaur MSM, the same is true of The Washington Post v. The New York Times.)

Today they have a major scoop: ‘Miss America’: GOP Bigwig Alex Castellanos Claims House Speaker ‘What Delegates Really Want’ 3 April 2016. This carries the highlights of an essay that the GOP’s leading Hispanic Supremacist “consultant” stupidly sent recently to his mailing list.

…if Mr. Trump is one hundred or more votes away from the nomination it is unlikely he can find the delegates to get the ball in the end zone on the first ballot …Ultimately, he bleeds to death on the convention floor — which you think would be good news for the candidate in second place, Senator Ted Cruz , unless, of course, you’ve met Senator Ted Cruz.

Neither this convention nor the Republican Party wants Ted Cruz as their nominee for President. .. Cruz, they fear, is the narrowest possible expression of the Republican Party’s appeal and would lead the ticket to slaughter.

Castellanos confirms the analysis I reported last night in Pat Caddell: A Vote For Cruz Is A Vote For Paul Ryan (Or Another GOP Establishment Choice)

Senator Cruz has no value beyond being an alternative to Donald Trump.  If Trump collapses, the need for Ted Cruz evaporates

Having paid lip service to turning to accepting Kasich Castellanos swoons over the unspeakable Paul Ryan

…why settle for Miss Ohio when you could marry Miss America?  Why not wipe the slate clean and go for what delegates really want, the Republican Speaker?

The weirdness (not to say arrogance) of not using the traditional solution – a fusion ticket between the two men who have consistently been getting the bulk of the Primary votes – is not of interest to Castellanos. The ‘Gentry GOP’ thinks voters should not have a say.

Just how drastic a rejection of voter preferences a Ryan nomination would be was well described by the great Julia Hahn on Breitbart yesterday: Concerns About Paul Ryan Emerging Out of Ted Cruz-Created Contested Convention as Nominee Dominate Wisconsin 2 Apr 2016-04-03

Just as Paul Ryan’s ascension to House Speaker represented a total repudiation of the GOP electorate by GOP lawmakers, Ryan’s selection as the Party’s nominee would similarly represent the donor class’s silencing of voters and voters’ views on immigration, trade, and foreign policy that have transformed the country and its role in the world.

She lays these out-

Ryan Republicanism consists of four core tenets, which are:

Population Replacement

...Since Wisconsin voters sent Paul Ryan to Washington nearly two decades ago, the U.S. has imported a population of immigrants that is nearly three times larger than the entire population of Wisconsin… Yet Paul Ryan believes those numbers should be even larger...

Working Class Communities “Deserve To Die”

Throughout his career, Ryan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to offshoring U.S. jobs in the name of maximizing corporate efficiencies, regardless of the economic devastation it has on American workers and communities...

Military Adventurism

...Ryan Republicanism promotes policies that would start foreign wars in the Middle East and then would bring the refugees of those wars into the United States...

Wealth Redistribution

Ryan Republicanism also includes a unique vision of wealth redistribution in which income is transferred out of the middle class and into the pockets of both wealthy business owners and poor migrants...

Simply put, this is precisely the meal selfish NeoCon Billionaires could be expected to order and pay for (and they probably have).

There is a great deal more in Hahn’s 3,200 word article - including the news that running on this (implied) platform with Romney in 2012 Ryan could not even carry his hometown of Janesville!

Like Pat Caddell said in 2013,

…the consultant, lobbyist, and establishment complex [is] interested in preserving their own power far more than they're interested in winning elections.
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