GOP Platform To Spread American Youth Summer Job Disaster To All Workers.
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James Fulford’s thorough discussion A Reader Wants To Know Why A Hotel In Texas Has HUNGARIAN Cleaning Staff; The Answer Is Probably Abuse Of The Student Visa reminded me of a powerful article I read on the topic of the abuse of J-1 and the similar H-2B visas last summer. This reported

Greg Schell, a Florida Legal Services attorney who has defended guest workers in disputes with employers, says the visas are overused in Florida.

He says that in one case, the Naples-area owner of Subway sandwich shops received permission to bring in Jamaican H-2B workers to staff his counters. "You're telling me you can't find people to work in a Subway or to work as waiters?"

Schell says the provision that ties H-2B workers to one employer helps keep local "prevailing wages" down. "The employers use H-2B workers because it turns out cheaper for them," he says. "Those workers can't change jobs and look for better wages and better situations elsewhere….”¦

"The J-1 visa is also a scam," Schell says. "It was founded as a cultural exchange program during the Kennedy years, but those people just come to work."

I overoptimistically entitled this Has The J-1 Visa Scandal Gained Critical Mass?

Sadly, with the outrageous news reported by Steve Sailer today that the GOP platform has a guest worker plank, Patriots have to face the fact that the Slave power controls both parties and it is not just American youth needing summer employment who will suffer.

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