Google vs. Trump: Sailer (First Again!) Spotted Bias Against Buchanan Too
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Steve Sailer should be congratulated on his 15-year campaign to expose the innumeracy that drives, or at least provides a rationale for, GOP Hispandering—finally confirmed by the New York Times.

Here's another example of Sailer presience: there's a viral video apparently showing that Google will not auto complete on "Hillary Clinton crimes" but instead offers things like "Hillary Clinton crime reform." ['If this is true, it is a disgrace': Donald Trump responds to viral video claiming Google's search is biased, by Allan Smith, Business Insider, June 10, 2016].

As it happens, back in January 2010, Steve pretty definitively proved that Google was discriminating against Patrick J. Buchanan. Interestingly, this stopped after Steve's post.

Trumpeting works!

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