Goody Goody Gum Drops! Another Illegal Immigration Protest March!
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You might ask, and for good reason, why I would be so happy about today's big event—you know, the latest illegal immigrant nationwide protest march. Easy enough, I'll tell you!

You see, every time these annoying folk assemble in large numbers chanting about their woebegone lives, more and more people awaken to our cause. More and more people (who might normally be spared the knowledge that millions of illegal aliens have invaded and are taking over America) become outraged enough to get up and do something about it.

You might recall last year at this time I was scheduled to appear on Scarborough Country (MSNBC) but the driver sent by the network could not get into the Los Angeles studios thanks to all the protesters blocking the streets. Yeah, these would be those "hard working people who just come here for work" who in fact are not working but instead preventing me from doing my job.

Yes, I'm still rather bitter about that.

Last year, major cities were handicapped and residents were unfairly inconvenienced. Hundreds of supposedly Latino students skipped school, people walked our streets parading Mexican flags, news stations kept running all the insolent remarks made by the "organizers" or "activists" and thousands of participants wore t-shirts that said "I'm illegal—so what?"

Hopefully much the same will happen this time because as I already said, it makes people angry...angry enough to do something.

I seem to remember legislation floating about Congress last year that would basically grant amnesty to all these people and then somehow, miraculously, the discussion stopped. Places such as Hazleton PA enacted city ordinances to punish illegal immigrants and those who hire them. The small town folk came alive...thank God!

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarrrrrraigosa and Cardinal Roger Mahony are of course pushing the event but encouraging kids to stay in school—good idea when you consider that Hispanics have the highest drop-out rate among students in California public schools.

For more info click here.

I'll be watching throughout the day...I'll let you know how it goes! Keep your fingers crossed for things like Mexican flags and Spanish versions of the National Anthem...real crowd pleasers they are!

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