Chronicle Of Higher Ed Supports Buchanan, Brimelow, On VTI Shootings (OK, Inadvertently)
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Columnist Pat Buchanan has now joined VDARE.COM's Peter Brimelow in suggesting that some attention ought to be paid to the Virginia Tech shooter's immigrant status as well as, you know, gun control.

Support for Buchanan and Brimelow has come from an unexpected source: an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Maggie Olona, the director of the student counseling service at Texas A&M University says, "Writing scary stories is not against the law...Odd behavior is not a crime. Not talking to people is not a crime. ... You have to wait for someone to do something, and sometimes the first step can be a murder." (Counselors Say Cases Like Cho's Are Hard to Spot as Students' Behavior Becomes More Extreme, by Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4-23-07)

But it's not simply a matter of "scary writing" or "odd behavior":

Indeed, college counselors say that this generation of students seems particularly troubled, and the problems they bring to counseling centers are worse than those of past years. "College counseling centers are very aware of the increasing pathology coming through our doors," Ms. Olona says.

"...Is there a profile of people who do this? Of course," says [the director of counseling services Cornell University] Mr. Eells.

Without again mentioning "profiling," the article goes on to mention briefly that:

At Cornell, the counseling center has made a special effort to reach out to minority and international students, who suffer from extra levels of stress and are less likely to reach out to counselors. Satellite counseling offices have been set up in buildings on the campus that are regularly used by international and minority students.

In other words, more international students = more stress = (at least arguably) more Chos.

BTW, VDARE.COM ran a letter suggesting "A Million International Students Are A Time Bomb" because of a bomb threat incident a month before Cho's rampage.

The Korea Times, meanwhile, reported that about 460 students from Korea are studying at Virginia Tech, along with an estimated 500 students of Korean descent. Cho, living in the US since 1993, was still carrying a Korean passport. (Why hadn't he applied for American citizenship? Why hasn't the MSAM asked?)

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