Goodbye, Fjordman (Sob)
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Sadly, the invaluable Fjordman blog is is really closing up. In a year of intense activity. this Norwegian blogger won a worldwide following for essays analysing the Muslim conquest of Scandinavia, with links to supporting articles. Fjordman will be sadly missed.

The reason seems to be mainly exhaustion. To post at Fjordman's pace must have been close to a full time job.

There was probably a second reason too, however. Propaganda requires repetition. There is not the same thrill stating the same facts and developing the same arguments for the twentieth time as the first. Yet it has to be done, if policy is to be influenced. One gets the impression that having established his case, Fjordman was getting bored.

Supposedly the blog's fine archives will remain. But I am doubtful. Those of one of my other favorites, Epic of Gilgamesh, did not long survive the proprieter's decision to suspend publication.

The plain fact is volunteerism has a finite life. Like citizen levies in medieval wars, the soldiers slip away to attend to their farms. For a cause to succed, a professional core cadre is essential. "Professional" means "paid" - at least enough to eat.

Thanks to some generous friends, lives on. But the site needs your help!


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