Cop Killer Returns To Colorado: "Subject To The Jurisdiction" Or Not
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Denver cop killer Raul Gomez-Garcia arrived in Denver just hours hours before Christmas eve after the Mexican Government agreed to extradite him.

Both the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News made subtle allusions to Gomez-Garcia returning because he missed his infant child (anchor baby) and "common law wife" (who certainly wasn't with him long enough to be that!).

Yes, Coloradoans were to believe this trio was some sort of Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus, reunited through Raul's love and willingness to face persecution and hardship — not that he is a a low-life, violent, irresponsible illegal alien who fled to Mexico to avoid justice for the Mother's Day Execution of Denver Police Officer Donald Young and the attempted murder of his partner, Jack Bishop, sticking us with the cost of birthing and raising his illegimate spawn.

No mention that Congressman Bob Beauprez successfully passed legislation cutting off Mexico from US foreign aid (begging the question why we send them any $$$ at all) if they fail to extradite cop killers.

Given the called birthright citizenship to the offspring of illegal aliens under the 14th Amendment, Section. 1. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the...." Here's my question: With Denver sanctuary and Raul's special status as a Mexican citizen who touched stone south of the border after fleeing, if Mexican illegals are NOT SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION of Colorado or the US (Gomez will not face the death penalty because of he actually is NOT subject to our laws, but the jurisdiction of Mexican laws), and their children get a pass as a result with dual citizenship, isn't it a no brainer that Sanctuary Cities negate this mis-interpretation of the 14th Amendment?

After all, the Mexican Government is dictating the terms of his extradition, i.e., he will NOT face the death penalty. Oh, and Gomez-Garcia has admitted he killed Officer Young, who reportedly grabbed his neck before kicking him out of the late-night drinking extravaganzic "baptism" party where Young was pulling private security duty in DPD uniform. [Revenge was vowed, police say]

Implication is that Gomez-Garcia's pride was damaged. Hey, wasn't murder a natural response?

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