Good One!
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This one deserves to become a classic:

The name that supporters of open immigration most frequently call their opponents is "racist" — as if every country that has more restrictive immigration laws than the United States (and almost all of them do) were manifestly "racist" in its intentions. If you are a supporter of open immigration, I can't demand that you keep your temper and refrain from calling me a word like that. But I hope you do. Then maybe something like a real discussion can emerge.[The Fallacy of Open Immigration, By Stephen Cox, Liberty Magazine, October 2006 ]

UPDATE:There's a lot more by Stephen Cox in the July 2006 issue of Liberty.

I’m sorry to interrupt you . . . — To all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, country-club conservatives, Democratic Party activists, and libertarian political fundamentalists:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m sorry to interrupt the celebration you’re having for open borders and free immigration. I know that for the first time in history, you’re really enjoying one another’s company. I hate to distract you from the food and drink and the big hugs all around, but I’d like to ask you a few short questions. I hope you will try to answer them without reminding me that we are all immigrants, calling me a racist or a xenophobe, or reciting Emma Lazarus’ poem about the Statue of Liberty.

Do you believe there are any limits to the number of immigrants that America should accept? If so, what are they? Or should anyone who can travel to America be allowed to live here permanently?

Do you believe there are any limits to “immigrants’ rights” — including, as many of you insist, the right to government-provided education, government-provided welfare, government-provided health care, government-provided hiring and advancement quotas, and government-provided pensions, as well as the right to elect the government? Do immigrants gain these “rights” simply by existing here? If so, how long should they be required to do that? Ten years? One year? One month? One minute?

Are you making the same demands for open borders on Canada, Mexico, England, and Italy that you are on the United States? Liberty - Reflections, July 2006

Read the whole thing.

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