Good news: One Old Vet is back. Bad news: Carrie's Nation gone.
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First, a piece of excellent news: the news gathering site One Old Veteran has reactivated.

One Old Veteran was one of the very best of the sites which gather news/ammunition for the patriotic side of the immigration war. This is an enormously valuable service. It shut down late last year and reactivated in late March, with a bright new format.

Welcome back, One Old Vet.

Second, very bad news: the brilliant anti H-1B blog Carrie’s Nation, which I discovered only recently, has abruptly shut down, closed the site and terminated its email.

This is a real loss, and very sad that not even the archive was left up. Carrie’s Nation specialized in incisive analysis of stories, with a particularly valuable propensity to read the Indian media on line. CN was very stimulating.

Amongst Carrie’s Nation mourners is the blog Androcass, a commenter on the thread of which propounds the theory:

In a nutshell, the entity known as 'Carrie's Nation' was likely one or more professional researchers working for a firm that pulled the plug at the end of April. That explains the blogger, CC's sudden and mysterious disappearance. Job over, on to the next disparate gig, maybe with tax codes. Detroit housewife? Fine. Sure.

I do not believe this, based on my email exchanges with her. Some apparently find it difficult to accept that an intelligent woman with a computer and the time could produce this quality of work. But at, we are continually astonished at the standard of the work offered to us by amateurs, often severely underemployed. Becoming a member of the MSM commentariat is a matter of managed discrimination and exclusion, not ability.

And of course, it is extremely hard, particularly for an individual, to keep up a flow of high quality posts for any length of time. Personal and professional demands intrude. Also fatigue. On the margin, to some degree, small monetary rewards help motivation - which is why we keep bothering our readers with appeals.

Appeal to Carrie’s Nation: if you are out there, and still want to write, please contact Peter Brimelow and myself. We miss you.

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