Lady Immigration Attorney Harbors Illegal, Gets Kidnapped
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Our old friend Roger Chaillet forwards this with the typically acerbic comment "Sweet justice: immigration attorney in the Rio Grande Valley gets kidnapped; she has been harboring an illegal."

Two teens arrested in kidnapping of Weslaco attorney, The Monitor, May 7, 2009.
Police and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers arrested the pair of suspected kidnappers, both resident aliens, at their Weslaco homes late Thursday morning...Investigators believe Harbury's teenage client knew their captors before the kidnapping, Molina said. Whether her client helped set up the kidnapping remains under investigation.
...Harbury, a 58-year-old staff attorney at Texas RioGrande Legal Aid in Weslaco, said she had taken in her client after an immigration judge released him on bond about four months ago.
The young man had been mistreated growing up in Guatemala and after he arrived in the United States, she said. He had been staying at her house for about the past four months.
"He had no place to go," Harbury said. "He's like a godson to me now."

No mention of race, of course.


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