Global Warming Update
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The global warming in New England is fairly deep on the ground, leaving some of's Editorial Collective without electrical power. Instapundit says

"CONNECTICUT LIGHT & POWER CUSTOMERS TOLD TO prepare for a week without power. You know, it might have been nice to use some of that stimulus money for toughening up power systems and other vital infrastructure. But that approach might have produced too many jobs for burly men."

In a related global warming note, via Tim Blair in Australia, I see that a climate change scientist has been asked to take a lie detector test over a fairly famous report he did about drowned polar bears. (For one thing, polar bears can swim.) Now it happens that "lie detectors" don't really work. They are, and have always been, a pseudoscience. It would be funny if a climate change scientist (formerly global warming—climate change is what it's called when you have to shovel it) were to get in trouble caused by someone else's  scientific hoax.

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