Herman Cain Accused Of Sexual Harassment
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In 1991, a black conservative, Clarence Thomas, was accused of flirting with a black woman. This was the biggest news in the history of the world for about a week. (If you are too young to remember this, it's hard to explain just how big a deal this was supposed to be.) In response, Presidential candidate Bill Clinton announced that in The Year of the Woman, he would scourge sexism. This struck me as a little imprudent of him, since I was traveling down to Wal-Mart at the time on business and was hearing from Arkansawyers that their governor was a man like any man, only more so. In 1992, I wrote an article predicting that Bill Clinton would eventually get in trouble under the current definition of sexual harassment (making an unwanted sexual advance), which he did in the Paula Jones case, in which he perjured himself (losing his law license) over Monica Lewinsky. But I couldn't find anybody to publish it. You can read it here.

By the way, has Anita Hill ever gotten married? It probably would have been simpler for all concerned if Clarence had just married Anita instead of that blonde. A woman scorned, and all that ...

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