Accused NYPD Ticket Fixers Not Quite As Multicultural As Regular Criminals
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The NYPD has many good traditions, but also some bad ones, one of which is corruption. The  group below has been accused of corruption, specifically ticket-fixing. Looking at this group, my first thought was that it seemed much whiter than a simlilar group of regular criminals

NYPD Accused

The list of names includes eight Hispanic names, one of which is Filipino, three Italian names, three Irish, and two of what Archie Bunker called "Regular American" names.[Unsealed Indictments Shed Light On Procedures For Ticket-Fixing By Officers, By Al Baker And Joseph Goldstein, NY Times,October 28, 2011 ]

However, it's still whiter than any similarly numerous group of regular New York criminals, because in order to get into position to commit police corruption, you have to pass the examination to become a police officer, and the NYPD. 

Still, the NYPD is trying to diversify its make-up. As Brenda Walker pointed out in 2010, they've been aggressively recruiting foreigners:

"Of the 250 new officers who graduated last Monday, 65 of them were foreign-born, hailing from 23 countries, the police said. Those officers spoke a total of 28 different languages, including Bengali, Punjabi, Yoruba and Creole"[From Around the Globe, Serving New York, New York Times, January 4, 2010]

Query: do you think adding police from Pakistan, Nigeria, and Haiti will lead to less police corruption, or more?

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