Gingrich And Cain: The Same Fatal Flaw
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Adelson Gingrich


Gambling Billionaire Sheldon Adelson and Newt Gingrich: It might be nice to own a President


No – I didn’t mean that. The similarity I see is the eagerness to utilize conventional racial intimidation techniques against their Republican opponents.


Rush Limbaugh rightly condemned Herman Cain’s despicable attack on Rick Perry using this tactic and now we have Gingrich Questions Ron Paul on Racist Newsletters Friday, 23 Dec 2011 which has been widely echoed in the MSM.


None of the other GOP contenders seem to have chosen to involve themselves in the silly issue of these statements, well known to have been ghosted for Paul in the order of 20 years ago. This is sensible. On the basis of the original hit-piece (Angry White Man  by James Kirchuk The New Republic January 8th 2008 the assertions are all arguably plausible – some might be thought axiomatic – although deeply Politically Incorrect in the present degraded atmosphere.


And of course they are ludicrously outdated. Left Libertarians control the Paul campaign this time, alas – unlike in 2008.


So why has Gingrich shown interest in joining this particular lynch mob? It will enrage the Paul supporters and please only the MSM.


Because he is the bought-and-paid-for creature of the Post-White-America crowd –and has been for many years, including on Immigration.


Instead of shrieking and scattering for cover, the people running the Paul campaign should be asking Gingrich to account for the influence over him of his largest financial backer: Sheldon Adelson ‘Crazy Jewish Billionaire’ Tikun Olam June 25th 2008. (See also The Brass Ring By Connie Bruck The New Yorker June 30, 2008, which is the source of the above characterization of Adelson by President Bush). As I recounted in Why Would Anyone Pay Newt Gingrich $55 Million?   the evidence points to Gingrich being willing to associate with very scary people (provided they pay): Gingrich Praises Extremist Marchers In Jerusalem Who Chanted “Slaughter The Arabs’ By Ali Gharib and Eli Clifton Think Progress Jun 13, 2011


Annoying Blacks two decades ago is insignificant compared to being subservient to the most aggressive elements of Israeli society now – especially as Israel is (although it seems to be often forgotten) not America.

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