Gillespie/Kudlow Immigration Video: As A Consultant, Gillespie Was FOR Amnesty, As A Candidate, He Weasels
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When Matthew Richer wrote last night that

It’s not as if Ed Gillespie doesn’t realize how unpopular immigration is with Virginia voters. In fact, he recently removed a video from his website where he touts Amnesty in a cliché-ridden conversation with Larry Kudlow. [Ed Gillespie Removes Clip Touting Immigration Reform, By Daniel Strauss, TPM, January 14, 2014]

I thought the video had been hosted on the website and was unrecoverable. It's not, it's on MSNBC, and I've  embedded it below. (If it seems small, hit the fullscreen button.)

The significance of this is that as a consultant, telling GOP candidates how to sell themselves, he was touting:

Immigration Reform & the Republican Party

CNBC | June 25, 2013

Ed Gillespie discuss immigration reform with Larry Kudlow

But as a candidate, he's backing away from it, because he knows that, in the words of the old advertising story, "the dogs don't like it."


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